The purpose of this blog is to publish some of our pictures of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We lay no claim to these being great photographs - they are just pictures of what we see, taken with ordinary compact cameras. We hope you enjoy browsing.

Richard and Sue


Monday, 26 September 2016

Skye Skies

With few trees or buildings, our sky here is BIG. Add in the Hebridean weather, sunrise or sunset, and an awesome sky is often the result.

I am posting below a collection of sky pictures mostly taken from at or near Roskhill (near Dunvegan) in the last few years.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Some From Sue

I have just realised to my horror that I haven't posted any pictures on this blog for about two years...!! It is clearly time to put that right - so here is a small selection of some of Sue's wonderfully moody landscapes...

Pool Roag
Loch Harport - sunrise
Eilean a' Cheo (The Misty Isle)
Loch Harport and the Cuillin
Towards Waterstein Head
Sunrise over the Cuillin - a classic view taken from the side of the A863 at Gesto